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Chapter Leadership Impact Award

The PMI Chapter Leadership Impact Award online nomination includes the following criteria. Descriptions of contributions must highlight the impact, outcomes, and results of the nominee’s efforts.


  • The nominee must be a current PMI chapter member in good standing
  • The nominee must be an elected or appointed Chapter board member registered in the Component System (CS) for a minimum of six months during Jan 2022 - Dec 2022 period
  • The nominee must be nominated by another Chapter board member from the same Chapter, their Region Mentor, or regional Chapter Engagement staff.
  • Has no conflict of interest (all PMI members and volunteers are bound to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct).

Criteria (examples are for illustrative purposes and not an exhaustive list)

  1. High level of commitment to the role in their chapter that resulted in (examples):
    1. PMI and Chapter objectives accomplished
    2. Specific Chapter benefits realized
  2. Significant accomplishments for which the nominee was responsible. Examples:
    1. Service above and beyond the nominee’s Chapter leadership role
    2. Specific contributions to the Chapter and/or community
  3. Leadership qualities consistently and effectively demonstrated. Examples:
    1. Communication skills
    2. Delegation
    3. Mentoring
    4. Collaboration

Award recipients should demonstrate the following behaviors and power skills including but not limited to:

  • Making a Difference – a Chapter board member who genuinely cares and wants to contribute in whichever way they can to help build long-term solutions to problems
  • Commitment/Dedication – reliable, self-motivated, and dependable
  • Chapter Leader who contributes to the Chapter in meaningful ways and attends and actively participates in Chapter meetings and activities
  • Team Player – a Chapter board member who respects other volunteers and their opinions, someone who asks questions and is a good listener
  • Passionate – optimistic and enthusiastic about PMI, their Chapter, and giving back to the community
  • Accountability – a prepared Chapter board member who always keeps the lines of communication open and delivers on their promises
  • PMI Culture Values & Behaviors – a Chapter Leader who commits to embodying them personally and creating an environment that encourages these values within the Chapter.

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1. Login

Log in with the email and password you use for PMI website.

2. Create

To create your online nomination, start by clicking on "My Dashboard", then select "Chapter Leadership Impact Award" from the dropdown.

3. Save

During the Call for Nominations period, your nomination can be saved as DRAFT until all the required information is completed and attachments uploaded. As each section is complete, you will see a appear in the category tab when the application is saved. At any time, you can download and print your application by clicking on the icon in the Nomination Summary section.

4. Submit

On completion, save your Nomination as FINAL. Download and print a copy of your nomination for your records by clicking on the icon in the Nomination Summary section in the right column. Note: If an update is required prior to the Call for Nominations period, you can make the update and resave as FINAL.

If you require assistance or additional information, please contact the Award Administrator.

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